Welcome to the NR Computer Learning Center located at 1820 E. 1st Street, Suite 550, Santa Ana, CA 92705. (Contact Info: www.nrclc.com (714) 505-3475)

Follow the steps provided below to schedule an exam.

  1. Select the exam you wish to take
  2. Select the schedule (date and time) for the exam.
  3. Enter the student's contact information.
  4. Acknowledge the exam guideline.
  5. If you want to change your email after adding data to the cart so empty your cart first and then add a new one.
  6. Click on the ADD TO CART to pay for the proctoring fee.

Please note that the proctor fee associated with the exam is listed next to the exam. The exams canceled within 24 hours will be refunded. After 24 hours there will be no refund for a canceled exam.

Exam Registration

Exam guideline acknowledgement